Hannah Kurman (wordstoponder) wrote,
Hannah Kurman

RIP Carl Rasmussen and Worcester

I never really knew Carl - I've heard him play a couple of times on different street corners. One particular memory that stays in my mind was when he was strumming his guitar outside of Hotel Vernon on a Wednesday mid-day. He was singing about the infamous Kelley Square. We talked about Worcester. I was still fairly new to the city.

Carl is how I picture Worcester - gritty, DIY, lots of soul. Carl reminds me of the run-down three-deckers, the empty downtown, the old mill buildings transformed into communal art/science spaces. I saw the spirit of Worcester on Thursday night at the Raven during the celebration of Carl's life.

I wish my step-daughter, who just turned seventeen, was able to attend Carl's benefit with us. Carl made an impact on Kat, a teenager who seems to be very impenetrable. She has had quite the difficult life, something I heard that Carl also went through, something they can both relate to. She looked up to Carl; she wanted Dead-Wrong's artwork as her first tattoo, she wanted Carl to teach her how to play guitar. I wonder if she will ever learn how to play, if she'll ever find inspiration in someone else.

* Carl's Obit
* The Music of Carl Rasmussen and his band Dead-Wrong.
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