Hannah Kurman (wordstoponder) wrote,
Hannah Kurman

If You're Into Live Music, Check Out The Raven

Hidden within the Village of Piedmont is the Raven, a medium-sized bar that many Worcesterites seem to avoid. It is a gem that I urge music-lovers to discover.

I do not frequent the bar scene. I cannot tell you who makes the best drinks or which bartenders are the friendliest. I can, however, attest to how the Raven treats Wormtown Ska Promotions (and Wormtown Promotions), the bands that we have worked with, and the show-goers. I am a patron of venues that have live bands performing. I have a few favorites, including Nick's (a small German cabaret-style venue that showcases jazz, blues, world music, etc.) and Beatnik's ( a funky venue with a motto of "be you"). I am not pleased with some other venues, including Ralph's (although many touring bands make an appearance there) and Hotel Vernon (though it is easy to book and has $1 drafts). But nothing beats the Raven when it comes to putting on a show.

At the Raven, there is no Sunday Blues night, no karaoke, no kitchen, not much of a "regular" bar crowd except for a handful of neighborhood folk. If you are looking for a typical bar experience, there are many bars in Worcester that cater to those needs - the Raven is not one of them.

If you are looking for amazing sound, a big stage and a huge dance floor, as well as ample seating and affordable drinks, the Raven is right up your alley (the historic Congress Alley, actually).

Chris Bettencourt, the owner of the Raven, is open to any music genre and is willing to work with bands and promoters to put on a great show. He opens his space for birthday bashes, high school garage bands (all-ages shows can happen on Sundays), community events, heavy metal nights, techno raves, and everything in between.

Wormtown Ska Promotions is back at the Raven - 258 Pleasant St, Worcester MA - with a ska/punk show for the holidays on Friday, December 28th featuring Survay Says, A Minor Revolution, 4 Shades of Black, Llama Tsunami and the Pants. 18+ $8, 21+ $5, 8pm.
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