Hannah Kurman (wordstoponder) wrote,
Hannah Kurman

A Little Bit of Activism, Community Organizing and Civic Engagement

The activist inside me has been dormant for the last year, especially during my year of service. There are many things that I cannot do as an AmeriCorps*VISTA, such as protesting (another year of missing Amnesty International's Get on the Bus), becoming politically involved, "direct service", etc. I have not been "organizing" a large community; I have been meeting with individuals one-to-one and bonding over tea, building personal relationships. I have not cheered for any cause, lately, except for my own well being - no letter writing, petition signing, blogging. I have, however, donated money - recently to help an activist jailed for the Tar Sands blockade, but much of my money have gone towards local musicians.

Like most people, I have changed, grown, what-have-you. I have always been curious about global issues, especially anything regarding human rights. However, my focus has changed from the world itself to my local community and the people in it. The organizations that I am a part of (Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, Worcester Interfaith, Pernet Family Health Service) are focusing on youth jobs, especially jobs that are right around the corner. They are also focused on leadership development. Everyone has the ability to stand up, talk about what they believe in, and have the support of others to take action. You can change the world by changing yourself and providing the tools so that others can change themselves.

I look forward to becoming more involved with the new people I have met and the organizations they work with, as well as advocating for the neighborhoods and organizations that have become a part of me.

Speaking of neighborhoods:
The Worcester-Crompton Rectangle is now open, every day 10-5 (weather permitting)! This is the 6th year that the community has built and maintained the ice rink in Green Island - thanks to the Carpenters 107, Holy Cross students, Pernet Family Health Service and the neighbors. Free skates, free hats and gloves.
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