Hannah Kurman (wordstoponder) wrote,
Hannah Kurman

Power Shift? Or Are Things Still The Same?

With the death of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, and looking at the other fairly recent deaths of the Old Guard anti-American way of life, I am wondering if there is an impending power shift... or even despite the disappearance of these important figures, that the way things are will remain entrenched...
- 2013: Chavez
- 2012: Libya's Gaddafi
- 2011: North Korea's Kim Jong-Il
As well as Cuba's elder Castro, Al Qaeda's bin Laden, and Iraq's Saddam Hussein. I am sure that I am forgetting some other very important, but lesser known, demise of power players. Is Syria's dictator next?

Are we on a threshold of something new, something that we are unfamiliar with and therefore cannot sense, or something old? Is the Arab Revolution dead, will it be resurrected, or spread to other parts of the world?

Thomas Friedman's 2003 book Longitudes and Attitudes: The World in an Age of Terrorism reminds me that thinking of the world as a collection of states and that those states (and the international organizations like NATO and the UN that they are a part of) are no longer relevant. A national leader is no longer very powerful - movements of people and their dreams are gaining strength. We are watching this happen in Syria, as we did in the rest of the Middle East in the past two years. We even rose up a little bit, the 99%. Even though the movements seem to be dormant, they are bound to bubble up again - we can no longer be contained.
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