Hannah Kurman (wordstoponder) wrote,
Hannah Kurman

Experiencing Life

Lately, instead of being a passive observer of life, I have been taking life by the horns and enjoying the ride. However, reflection is important, especially since I am on the edge of another one of life's precipices - the end of my year of service as an AmeriCorps*VISTA.

Music is one of my passions. When songs get me dancing, I forget about everything and just get immersed in the amazing feeling of bliss. I have been trying to go to all the shows I can - I cannot get enough live music, even from bands that I have seen a bunch of times. I do not have the musical aptitude of the musicians, but I am very much appreciative of their talents. I support the local music scene - I like to pay to see bands and to purchase CDs.

I am very proud to be co-manager of DIY Wormtown Promotions / Wormtown Ska Promotions. The show on Friday night was incredible, blurring the best of the Worcester music scene with the amazing sounds of Providence's the Copacetics and Brooklyn's the Forthrights. The Raven was the perfect space for the show, with a huge stage and an even larger dance floor, which filled up with grooving bodies as the night went on. Big Mama Lu's acoustic reggae blended into the funky jazz of the Freedom Project, which segued into the Copacetics ska and rocksteady Forthrights.

I have also been working on my networking skills and strengthening the relationships that I have built. I am always up for conversation (especially over tea). It is interesting to see how we are all interconnected, that the "6-People-Away-From-Kevin-Bacon" theory is very true. The more that I get out and about and introduce myself to people, the more I feel like I am at the center of a large spider web, with everyone I know spread out and connected with each other in their own ways.

During my year of service as an AmeriCorps*VISTA at the MetroWest/Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I have learned many things, including what I am interested in pursuing as a career: 1) Volunteer coordination and 2) Community outreach.
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