Hannah Kurman (wordstoponder) wrote,
Hannah Kurman

Coney Island Now More Vegetarian-Friendly

We are extremely happy that Kathryn, the owner of Coney Island, seriously considered our request to provide more vegetarian options. Although she does not know much about veggie dogs, she was willing to pan-fry (away from the grease of the meat-dogs) the veggie dogs that we brought - free of charge! It was great to again be able to order at world-renowned Coney's, including Polar root beer and a delicious huge half-sour pickle. We were told that she is planning on providing veggie burgers in the next couple of weeks.

My journey through flexi-veganism has been interesting. It's difficult to describe my diet (no red meat, no dairy, and preferably lots and lots of fruit and vegetables), especially when I was in Florida for a week. I was grateful to be able to participate in Habitat for Humanity's Build-a-Thon for AmeriCorps members at the Lake-Sumter Habitat affiliate. I learned how to hammer properly, use a saw, and watched as the 25 of us raised walls and built a roof of a brand-new home, causing the tears of pride and joy from the selected family and now new homeowners. However, the Southern food made me yearn for Worcester! The individuals that prepared our meals did not know that there was a difference between vegetarian and vegan - I had to go buy a separate meal a few times for lunch (leaving the build site for a trip to the store) because cheese was sprinkled all over my veggie wrap. I try not to be difficult - veganism is not a special diet, really. However, a skimpy iceberg lettuce "salad" is not enough for dinner. Pile on the veggies! But please, don't forget the protein - soy, beans, hummus...
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